Our highly trained engineers are well versed in a wide range of communications technologies, systems and standards. Our core expertise in satellite communications, broadcast engineering and wireless networks is augmented with industry and market-specific expertise. In addition to overall communications knowledge, each of Skjei Telecom's engineers also has additional depth of experience in a telecommunications or systems design specialty, allowing us to expertly match our staff to the specific requirements of your project. Our specific technical expertise includes the following areas:

Satellite & RF Engineering

Regulatory and Licensing
Field and Site Engineering
Training Courses in Satellite Communications and Broadcast Engineering
Spacecraft and TT&C Design and Review
Antenna Assessments for mobile Earth Station in Motion (ESIM) satellite terminals
Satellite link and impairment analyses
Satellite downlink EIRP measurements
Satellite and terrestrial network design and specification
RFI and other field measurements
Satellite communications systems for fixed, aeronautical, and mobile applications
Advanced modulation techniques; DVB-S, DVB-S2, layered modulation
GEO, NGSI, LEO and Cubesat Satellite Systems
Wireless Network Error Performance
Spectrum Management
Fiber, RF and Microwave Systems
Transmission Engineering and Analysis
Earth Stations on Vessels
Aeronautical Earth Stations/Earth Stations aboard Aircraft (ESAA)
Network Operations and Maintenance, call centers, trouble ticket systems
Network Management and Monitor & Control Systems
4G and 5G Wireless Systems and Networks
Ancillary Terrestrial Components
Conditional Access and Encryption Technologies
Subscriber Management Systems
Earth Stations in Motion

Broadcast Engineering

Network Operations and Maintenance, Call Centers, Trouble Ticket Systems
Network Management and Monitor & Control Systems
Traffic and Automation Systems
IP Video/IP Multicasting
Content Management Systems
Digital Rights Management
Conditional Access and Encryption Technologies
Subscriber Management Systems
Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Digital EAS Technology and Policy
Streaming and Store-and-Forward Digital Video
Digital Audio Encoding, Delivery, and Storage Systems
Broadcast Metadata Distribution & Management Systems

Meteorological Systems

Universal standards of meteorological data ingest, processing, and distribution applications
Familiar with all NWS weather dissemination systems gained through Enterprise Architecture and Dissemination Master Plan development
Familiar with NWS satellite and terrestrial dissemination systems
Meteorological data processing and visualization systems including data pre-processing, workstation configuration, testing, and forecaster workflow for NAWIPS and AWIPS in NCEP National Centers
Preparation, evaluation, and testing NWS infrastructure for receipt and processing of new satellite data from GOES-R and JPSS satellites, supporting the development of NWS roadmaps for future satellite missions such as Geostationary Extended Observations) (GeoXO) and Near Earth Orbit Network (NEON)
Inter-agency coordination of data standards, conversions, and transport mechanisms
Development, testing, validation, and deployment of broadband IP channels for NWR interfacility telecommunications links from Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) and NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) transmitters
OT&E, national deployment to WFOs, and operations support for the NWR Broadcast Message Handler (BMH)
Remote sensing product validation
Forecast mission evolution consulting for hydrometeorological data exploitation and product generation in AWIPS for ongoing and upcoming forecast activities
Development of NWS Systems Engineering Instructions and Directives
Independent review of requirements and design documents for the AWIPS development teams that include hydrological and meteorological products
Systematically gather stakeholder requirements and translate them into actionable developer tasks. Provide an interface between the user communities and the AWIPS system developer
Support AWIPS Security policy and infrastructure through IT Security adhering to NIST and NOAA requirements and compliance applied to weather information dissemination systems
Training and education for forecast operations for applications and processes of AWIPS

Leading-Edge Technologies

The telecommunications industry continually evolves with new advancements in technology. Our hands-on engineering approach and industry involvement keeps us up to date on the latest technologies so we can provide the most effective and timely solutions to your projects. We place your company on the leading edge with scalable solutions that grow as your company grows.